Nab Tower

GB, Solent, 1920

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Nab Tower lies in the Solent on the approach to Southampton and Portsmouth. The tower was built during WWI and was originally intended as one of 8 between Dover and Calais holding anti-submarine nets to block the Channel to U-boats. Unfinished at the end of WWI it was used to replace the lightship at Nab Bank and sunk in position in 1920. Originally oil-fired, the small lantern was replaced with a modern one in 1984 when the lighthouse was automated and converted to solar power.

The lighthouse is fully automated and not open to the public due to safety concerns. Work is currently (autumn/winter 2013) underway to radically re-build the lighthouse and it’s final appearance is not known at this time. The model shows the lighthouse as it appeared early in 2013.

Note that building the model involves cutting out all the girders in the surrounding framework – and requires both time and a steady hand.

This model is part of a range of models of English and Welsh lighthouses produced under the terms of a licencing agreement with Trinity House.

Technical Details

Location Position Height Built Character
Solent, UK 50° 40′.05 N 00° 57′.07 W 27m 1920 Fl (1) W 10s

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 11cm 200 3 x A4 5 [Difficult]

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