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Crew Figures


Crew figures, c. 1900



Crew figures add “life” to an otherwise static model and are needed to make convincing dioramas. Surprisingly realistic crew figures can be made from card and this free downloadable model allows you to make your own.

Some time ago, the German modeller Michael “Michi” Kaintoch created a rough design for simple yet highly realistic set of card crew figures in 1:250 scale. Working with Michael’s permission, I have re-drawn and enhanced the original design to create slightly more realistic figures – and to add different “types”. The download file is a single A4 sheet in PDF format and contains three sets of figures:

– Navy crew in dark blue uniforms suitable for up to the end of WWI

– Navy crew in generic white uniforms

– “Neutral” crew in plain jumpers and dark trousers, suitable for ferries or other semi-formal context

– Modern crewmen in a variety of different coloured clothing

8 basic figures are provided in each set – each crewman in a different basic “pose”. A number of spare arms and heads are provided to allow many different poses to be modeled.

The assembly method should be obvious – but the basic method is to:

– Fold, then glue double and cut out the “body” parts

– Glue extra “torso” layers to the front and back.

– Add different arms , heads and hats as necessary.

– A number of other accessories are added – mops, buckets, semaphore flags, etc – use as you see fit.

Note there is a laser-cut version of these figures available for purchase from Pleiner-Models – the link to their web-site is give on the “links” page.

Model Details

Scale Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 n/a 1 x A4 5 [Difficult]

Model Preview