ISO Shipping containers


ISO Shipping containers

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The ISO standard shipping container has revolutionised the shipping and transport of goods around the world. No other single invention has had such a huge impact in such a short space of time. An early agreement on standard sizes and handling methods was part of the reason for the rapid adoption and there are now few ports in the world where containers cannot be handled. Containers allow goods to be moved in large economical units with no handling of the contents between origin and destination. Anything can be carried that fits inside a container and does not exceed the weight limit. Raw materials, manufactured goods, foodstuffs, scrap metal, paper for recycling and other bulk materials are common contents and tanks that fit within the form factor of the container allow liquids to also be carried.

Initially standardised as 8′ wide, 8’6″ tall and in 10′, 20′ and 40′ lengths, the standards now allow for 9’6″ tall units and a 45′ long container size is also currently gaining wider acceptance.

The models are supplied in two versions – a fully coloured 1:250 version as PDF files and white (uncoloured) 1:250 scale version as Corel Draw files. The latter are provided to allow the containers to be modified with the logo and colour scheme of your choice.

Model Details

Scale Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 12 5 x A4 3 [Difficult]

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