Norge/Italia Airship Mast


Norway/Spitzbergen, 1925

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The successful expedition to cross the North Pole using the airship Norge in 1926 led by Raold Amundsen, Lincoln Ellsworth and Umberto Nobile was well-planned and executed. Part of the infrastructure built was three identical airship masts – one at King’s Bay in Spitzbergen at the expedition’s base and two others to act as way-points for the airship transfer flight from Italy (these were at Ekeberg near Oslo and Vadso in northern Norway).

The steel masts were designed by Italian engineers and each was 35m high with a weight of 14 tons.

The ill-fated expedition led by Nobile using the airship Italia in 1928 re-used the masts and base at King’s Bay. The masts at Vadso and King’s Bay are still standing but the mast at Ekeberg was demolished during WW2.

Technical Details

Location Material Height Built
Oslo – Ekeberg – King’s Bay (Spitzbergen) Steel 35m 1925

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 14cm 25 1 x A4 3 [Moderate]

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