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Peder Skram


Coastal Defence Ship, Denmark, 1904

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Peder Skram was launched in 1904, the last of a class of three similar “Herluff Trolle” class coastal defense ships. She served in the Danish Navy until 1943 when she was scuttled by her crew to prevent the ship being taken over by the occupying Germans.

She was raised and used as an anti-aircraft ship. Sunk by Allied warplanes in 1945, she was raised after the war and later scrapped.

Available as a free download from this page (see the “miscellaneous” section) is a model of a HM1 seaplane. The Danish Navy used a number of these float-planes (Hansa-Brandenberg W29’s built under license) as spotters and one was carried by the Peder Skram between 1920 and 1921.

Technical Details

Length Beam Displacement Armament Crew
86.5m 16.7m 3735 tons 2 x 24cm BLR 260

Model Details

Scale Length/Width Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 34.6cm/6.3cm 1000 7 x A4 4 [Difficult]

Model Preview