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SMS Rhein / Mosel


Monitor, Germany, 1871

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The Rhein and Mosel were two small river monitors (Flu??kanonenboot) built in 1872 to defend the River Rhine (Rhein) around Koblenz. Built in Bremen, the monitors were armed with two 12cm bronze cannon in an Ericsson-type turret. Under-powered and under-armed, they had a short service life and were scrapped in 1880.

No accurate drawing of the monitors survives. The model has been developed as a reconstruction based on contemporary drawings and a single surviving photograph.

The designer would be grateful for any details or drawings that would allow the model to be refined.

Technical Details

Length Beam Displacement Armament Speed
49.6m 8m 283tons 2 x 12cm BLR 30 knots

Model Details

Scale Length/Width Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 19.5cm/3.5cm ~200 2 x A4 4 [Difficult]

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