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South Stack Foghorn


UK, Anglesey, 1960

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The self-standing fog signal building at South Stack was built in 1960 and replaced an earlier compressed-air driven fog horn. The new signal uses multiple electric horns/tannoys arrayed in a curved bank to create it’s distinctive sound. Similar stand-alone tannoy-based signals are in use at North Stack and St Bees – and tannoy-based fog-signals are built into the lighthouse structures at Tater Du and Dungeness.

The fog signal is not open to the public but the lighthouse next door can be visited. See local information about opening times, etc.

When in use, the fog horn sounds one 3 second blast every 30 seconds (it has a range of 2 nautical miles (3.7 km; 2.3 miles))

Technical Details

Location Built Character
Holy Island, Anglesey, Wales, UK 1960 Fo 3s (1) 30s 2nm

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 3cm 12 1 x A4 3 [Moderate]

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