Spurn Point Lighthouse


GB, Yorkshire, 1895



The lighthouse built at Spurn Point in 1985 is the last lighthouse built on this site. At least 4 other lighthouses have been built and either washed away by the sea or made redundant because the light(s) no longer aligned with the safe channel up the river Humber.

Designed by Sir Thomas Matthews, the 1895 tower was built to replace a high/low light pair built by John Smeaton in 1767. The 1895 lighthouse had a main light and 2 sector lights, removing the need for a low light. The tower is brick-built and originally oil fired, it was converted to electricity and automated in 1957.

Declared redundant in 1985, the optic was removed and the lighthouse closed. It is now owned by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The lighthouse was renovated in 2015/2016 and is now open to the public as a viewing platform and exhibition space with spectacular views over the promontory and estuary.

Technical Details

Location Position Height Built Character
Yorkshire, UK 50? 54′.80 N 00? 58′.56 E 39m 1895 not currently in use

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 15cm 35 1 x A4 4 [Difficult]

Model Preview