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HM-1 / W29


Floatplane, Germany, 1918

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The monoplane W29 was introduced late in WWI by the German Navy as a patrol craft and also to combat the fast and heavily armed Allied Felixstowe flying boats. It was very successful and scored some notable successes.

The design was licensed by several other countries after the war including Sweden – where they served in the Navy as spotter planes carried by various warships including the Peder Skram.

Initial production aircraft were powered by a Benz Bz III engine and could cruise at 175 km/h with a service ceiling of 5,000m.

The model contains 4 versions of the aeroplane:

– German Navy Hansa-brandenburg w29, 1918

– Captured W29 in RAF colours during evaluation, late 1918

– W29 in Deutches Luftpost colours (Michael Kaintoch repaint)

– Danish HM-1 as operated by HMDS Peder Skram in the early 1920’s

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1:250 15 4 x A4

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