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FVM/CVM O1 “Tummelisa”


Trainer, Sweden, 1919

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The FVM/CVM O1 was designed by the Swedish engineer Henrik Kjellson (of the Swedish Army Aircraft Factory) as a basic trainer. It was in service between 1919 and 1934 – and of the 28 aircraft built not one was involved in a fatal crash.

Quickly nicknamed by pilots as “Tummeliten” (“Tom Thumb”) due to it’s diminutive size, this quickly changed to “Tummelisa” (the female form of the name, for which there is no direct translation) due to the tendency for the plane to roll onto it’s back in flight.

Powered by a Le Rhone rotary 9 cylinder, 90 hp ( Thulin A ) engine, the aircraft could cruise at 135 km/h and climb to 5,000m.

Only one of the original aircraft survives – in the Swedish Air Force Museum in Malmsl?_tt.

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