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Hilbre Island Light


GB, Wirral, 1927

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Hilbre island lies in the middle of the Dee estuary, not far from Liverpool. Once a thriving shipping route, the Dee is now largely used only by leisure craft. Hilbre island is an important nature reserve, particularly for bird life, and while it has no permanent residents there is a staff of wardens. The light is situated at the north end of the island and comprises a small, solar-powered light mounted on a metal cabinet. It was first lit in 1927 and came under the control of Trinity House in 1973.

The light is fully automated and is situated on land with public access. Note that Hilbre island is only accessible from the mainland at low tide via a marked causeway. Refer to local tide tables and notices before attempting to cross.

Also included is a model of the radar mast that stands near the light on Hilbre. This is operated by the National Oceanic Research Institute in Liverpool and used in various research projects. In addition to the radar it carries various scientific instruments, meteorological gauges and a webcam (

This model is part of a range of models of English and Welsh lighthouses produced under the terms of a licencing agreement with Trinity House.

Technical Details

Location Position Height Built Character
Wirral, UK 53? 23′.0 N 03? 13′.7 W 3m 1927 Fl(1) R 3s 5m

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 1cm 10 1 x A4 4 [Difficult]

Model Preview