Lowestoft Lighthouse


Suffolk, UK, 1676

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A lighthouse has existed at Lowestoft since 1610 and on the current site since 1676. The lighthouse was originally one of a pair to guide vessels though a channel in the sandbank offshore (it has since silted up). A major rebuilding project in 1874 replaced the tower and optic and extended the dwellings to 2 storeys. The lighthouse is fully automatic and not normally open to the public.

This model is part of a range of models of English and Welsh lighthouses produced under the terms of a licencing agreement with Trinity House.

Technical Details

Location Position Height Built Character
Suffolk, UK 52?29′.2 N

01?45′.5 E

16m 1676 Fl 15s

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 9cm 45 2 x A4 3 [Moderate]

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