Holyhead Buoy Depot


GB, Isle of Anglesey, 1871



Holyhead Buoy Depot was built by Trinity House in 1871 as part of a modernisation plan that saw depots opened around the country in Holyhead, Swansea, Penzance, East Cowes, and Great Yarmouth. These depots were to provide local bases for maintaining floating navigational aids and to act as supply bases for nearby lighthouses.

Holyhead depot was built in a single phase and opened in 1871 – the architect is not known. It is situated just to the west of the main harbour and had it’s own dedicated pier. The complex included offices, a combined buoy store and workshop, a small smithy and minor buildings.

Trinity House closed the depot in 1988 and the complex was listed in 1993 to ensure it was protected during development work on the site. The buildings are all still in use and are now occupied by various businesses – the RNLI use the old smithy to store the local inshore lifeboat.

Technical Details

Location Position Built
Isle of Anglesey, UK Holyhead 1871

Model Details

Scale Height Pieces Sheets Difficulty (1-5)
1:250 6cm 40 3 x A4 3 [Moderate]

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